Since a long time, rumors are going on that Nokia is going to come out with Android devices in 2014. Though Nokia is having some amazing smartphones like Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and some amazing hardware, it is not getting much success because of the Windows Phone OS.

Nokia is now sending the invitations for a special press event on 24th February, 2014 at 8.30AM. Though the invitation is having no mention of any Nokia Android device, it is being speculated that it is going to be about a Nokia Android smartphone as there is no major Nokia Windows device going to come out in the recent future. Have a look on the Nokia MWC press invitation below.

Nokia Sends MWC Press Event Invites for Nokia Android Smartphone Launching
As we all know, Android is ruling the smartphone arena right now. So it is a smart move by Nokia to launch Nokia Android smartphones. And the next month’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the perfect occasion for that.

The codename for the upcoming Nokia Android device is 'Normandy'. Recently few pictures leaked of the Nokia Android device showing the UI of it. Have a look on the below image showing the leaked UI of upcoming Nokia Android smartphone.

Nokia Android Smartphone Features and UI
We can see that it is heavily inspired from the Windows Phone OS in terms of the look and also having charecteristics of the Nokia Asha phone and stock Android OS. So, it will be really interesting to try our hands on an Android smartphone developed by Nokia.

Hope that it will help Nokia in regaining its position in the smartphone market. What do you think about the launching of Android smartphone Nokia? Share your views in the Comments section below.