One common thing which most of the people share is an interest in the LEGO. It is not just for kids and grown ups enjoy it equally and sometimes even more. LEGO gives wings to your imagination and creativity. But the only issue is that we can try our hands on LEGO everywhere.

But Google is out now with a solution for this issue. LEGO has teamed up with Google to let the Google Chrome browser users play LEGO on their computer. Sounds exciting, right?

HOW TO : Play LEGO on Google Chrome Web Browser

The best thing is that Google integrated its Google Maps in this cool project too. So, you can select a plot, land or the location using the Google Maps utility and start building the house using the virtual LEGO bricks.

Chrome LEGO game is having some nice options like undoing the certain parts of the creation, breaking the entire constructions and unlimited numbers of bricks to play with.

HOW TO : Play LEGO on Computer using Google Chrome Web Browser

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your Google account.

3. Go to the tutorial section before starting the game to understand how to play it properly.

4. Start playing the LEGO Chrome game by building something of your choice.

You can share your Chrome LEGO creation with your Google+ Circles. So, it is better to play this game with the Google account on which you are most active.

It is a nice game for all the LEGO lovers as they can play it anytime, all they need is a computer with Internet and Google Chrome browser.

Are you a LEGO lover? Are you going to try your hands on this game? Feel free to share your comments about the Chrome LEGO game below.