Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser now and what makes it better than others is a huge collection of nice browser extensions which enhances the user experience.

Here I am sharing the Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension which you must use on your Google Chrome browser to utilize it fully and enjoy the various features of it.

Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension
Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

1. Google Chrome Backup Extension : To backup all of your Google Chrome settings and profiles

2. Google Chrome Dual View : To divide your Google Chrome browser into two different window

3. XChrome Theme Changer : To change the theme of your Google Chrome browser

4. : To block the annoying pop-up ads

5. Gmail This : To send a webpage as email

6. GMail Checker : To keep an eye of your Gmail inbox

7. Google Talk : Google Talk in the Chrome browser to chat directly with your friends

8. Session Saver : A session management tool for your Chrome browser

9. Google Page Rank/ Alexa Rank Checker : To check the Alexa ranking and the Pagerank of an open website

10. : To search/share/publish contents in your browser.

11. ChromeMailer

12. ChromePass : It recovers usernames and passwords stored on the Google Chrome browser.

13. TPGoogleReader : Feed reader

14. Chrome Gestures

15. Sticky Notes : To write ans save sticky notes as reminder

16. Chritter : Chritter is a Twitter notifier extension for Chrome browser

17. : To listen in your Chrome browser

18. : Greasemetal extension lets you run various scripts just like the Firefox Greasemonkey addon in Google Chrome.

19. Drag n Go Plugin : Drag and drop to open a window where you want

20. Facebook Notifications : Get Facebook notifications in Chrome browser

21. : To know the updates of weather

22. Google Chrome Extension Manager : An extension to manage all Google Chrome extensions

23. Chromed Bird : A full working Twitter client right inside your Google Chrome browser

24. Awesome Screenshot : To take screenshot of a webpage

Screenshot Capturing BrowserTool For Chrome & Safari

25. RSS Subscription Management Extension

26. Yahoo! Messenger : Chat with your friends on Yahoo Messenger directly from Chrome browser

27. Cooliris : To enjoy the browsing in 3D way

28. Google Chrome to Phone Extension : To send links, maps or texts with phone number to your Android phone

29. TV Chrome : Watch more than 2.800 TV channels categorized by countries and regions.

30. : The most popular link shortener for your Chrome browser

31. LastPass : Free password and fill-up-forms manager

32. WOT - Web of Trust : To know which website is trusted and how much secure a website is?