Social Selling can be thought of as a new art that embraces the modern technology of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Snaptu, YouTube, Digg, StumbledUpon, Skype etc to attend to your customers when opportunity arises. Social selling is more effective as compared to other forms of selling as it targets clients in a one to one arena.

With improvements in technology, many people are turning their eyes to the Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc for entertainment. Smart businessmen are also turning their eyes to such Medias to gather the large pool of people who in this case are being viewed as potential customers or client if you would love to use that. As much as this social media can be a great potential to get in touch with thousands of potential clients it is also important to be prudent in the way you will approach them and initiate the sale.

A poor approach can create a negative attitude towards what you are selling while a smart and polite approach can create a desire from the potential client towards your sale. Therefore it is important to have a systematic order that you will follow to create for the product or whatever thing you are selling.

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Social Media Selling

Firstly it is important to understand those people who greatly influence your targeted group. This could be people like collogues, their employers their peers etc. This should take you only few days to conduct such a simple research. Then, the proverb goes like, birds of the same feather flock together. This people who greatly influence your targeted group are the one you will deal with.

And definitely influence your targeted group to like and buy from you. After you have understood them, the next thing you will do is to visit the most important people in their most active social network be it Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc. This mean that you have to be in all the social Medias as your targeted group is not restricted to a single social network.

The reason for targeting the most important people is that they will definitely influence the others. Then, it will be crucial to listen to them. Listening to them here means, following their comments they are posting on the net and other blogs, their charts with other people especially about your product. This will assist you to discover their fears, challenges and also issues surrounding them. After this it will be more important now to address this issues, challenges or fears this will help boost their confidentiality in you products. You will always tell when they are ready to buy from you. Take their contact and talk to them via the phone.