Google is soon going to launch their latest service Google Music. Google Music is in beta now and like every Google service coming out these days, Google Music is an "Invitation Only" service now too. You can request to get a Google Music invitation for the beta period.

Google Music Launching Soon, Get An Invite

You can upload 20,000 songs in one account. Google Music Android app will work on phones and tablets running on Android 2.2 and above. Few of the highlighted features of the Google Music are given below.

- Listen anywhere, even when you are offline

- Stay in sync

- All of your collection in one place

- Create playlists the way you want

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As stated above, Google Music invitation is available for a limited period now and for the USA users only. May be soon it will be available for other countries too. You can request to get Google Music invite on the link given below.

Get The GOOGLE MUSIC Invitation