More and more lately, people are advocating for cell phone safety while on the road. And the laws are changing to reflect those growing concerns. Even if your locality has not yet illegalized the use of cell phones while driving, it seems reasonable to say that your life (and the lives of other drivers and passengers on the road) is more valuable than that telephone call, and it is worth it for you to invest in some car accessories that will help you use your phone properly while driving. Fortunately, there are ways to talk on the phone while driving without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Here are five great cell phone accessories for drivers:

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Top 5 Cell Phone Accessories for Drivers

5 Great Cell Phone Accessories for Drivers


This technology enables you to make hands-free phone calls and still experience crisp, clear sound quality, and generally involves wearing a mouthpiece headset. There are numerous Bluetooth devices, made by a multitude of manufacturers, so be sure to do your research to find the right product for you.

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Cell Phone Holder

Keep your phone out of the way but within viewing distance by mounting a cell phone holder near your steering column. Cell phone holders are inexpensive and may be mounted with adhesive or via a vent mount.

Vent Mount Cell Phone Charger

This handy accessory can be mounted to a nearby vent for easy access, and has a pouch that you can drop your cell phone in while it is charging for convenience. There are a variety of vent mount cell phone chargers on the market - some fancier than others - and you can purchase one that holds a number of different chargeable items (GPS unit, tablets, etc.).

Dash Caddy

This phone holder mounts to your dash via adhesive or Velcro, and is a great, convenient place to keep your phone nearby when you can't be on it. The dash caddy is like a tray with high sides, and may be used to stash anything in addition to your phone, from your wallet to a pack of gum. Think of it as a nightstand in your car.

Super Grip Gadget Pad

This is a similar concept to the dash caddy, only in a sleek, side-less design. Simply mount the gadget pad to your dashboard and keep it clean so it will maintain its grip, then throw your cell phone, sunglasses more on the non-slip surface.

There are a lot of great cell phone accessories for drivers, whether or not you choose to talk on your cell phone while driving. These awesome accessories make safety and convenience go hand in hand.