Car accidents happen every day, and every person who gets in a car can become another victim. It’s important to learn defensive driving skills so you can avoid accidents. It’s also wise to download a few apps that can help you drive more safely. Here are a few that can help you stay safer when traveling along the nation’s main roads and back roads.

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Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving

Beat the Traffic – Free

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - Beat the Traffic

Driving in heavy traffic increases your risks of having an accident, and it’s extremely frustrating. Start your day off right and make the drive home easier by downloading this app. Whether you use it to avoid snarls when driving through strange cities or to avoid traffic jams on the daily commute, this app will keep you informed on how your current route looks.

Safe Driver Pro – Free

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - Safe Driver Pro

The back seat driver has gone electronic, and that could be a good thing for you. Safe Driver Pro actively tracks and analyzes your movements. It will record things like acceleration, speeding and hard braking. It will alert you when you are starting to drive a little too aggressively. This application can also be downloaded to your teen driver’s phone, allowing you to monitor his or her behavior behind the wheel.

DriveMode – Free

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - DriveMode

Using this app, you can ensure that the phone is never a distraction for you or your teen drivers. Once engaged, the app automatically silences all incoming calls and alerts. It will send an automated response to the other party to let them know that you are driving and are unable to reply. It will allow up to five phone numbers to be called in case of emergency, including 911. Use it to eliminate your own temptation to use the phone while driving and make it a requirement for your teen drivers. This app is designed for Android and Blackberry, but there are similar apps available for the iPhone.

Anti Sleep Pilot - $7.99

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - Anti Sleep Pilot

Driving while sleepy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. It’s believed that tired drivers are responsible for twenty percent of all accidents and as many as 100,000 injuries and fatalities every year. This app uses advanced algorithms and some cool software to monitor your fatigue levels and alert you when you are really too tired to stay behind the wheel. A must have for people who burn the candle at both ends or like to make long trips.

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Speedbump – Monthly Fee

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - Speedbump

Teen drivers aren’t known for making smart decisions, and their poor choices can become lethal when they’re handling 4,000 pounds of rolling metal. However, there comes a point in every parent’s life when you will turn over the keys and watch your child drive down the road without you. With this app, you can monitor their driving habits for safety. It will alert you when your child is speeding, and it provides you with GPS so you can make sure your little darling is following your rules. Your child will define this as spying, but most parents would view it as taking steps to avoid serious accidents.

Insurance Apps

Top 6 Apps to Help You Stay Safe While Driving - Help I Crashed My Car

There is one last app you will want to load on your phone, and that’s the one offered by your insurance company. Most insurance companies now offer apps to their customers that will provide you with insurance information and a checklist of what to do in an emergency. If your company doesn’t have one that will link directly to them, then consider installing a generic one like Help I Crashed My Car.

Smart phones are becoming an important part of our lives, and clever apps like these show just how valuable these tools can be. Used to avoid traffic snarls and accidents, these apps can literally save your life and your sanity. Use them so you and your teenagers can become safe drivers.