Whether you’re planning 2 weeks in the sun, or perhaps something more adventurous like a round the world trip, make sure you travel with confidence and peace of mind by checking out this list of five essential travel gizmos and gadgets designed to keep you and your valuables safe whilst travelling overseas.

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Gadgets & Gizmos For Travel Security

Top 5 Gadgets & Gizmos For Travel Security

Trace Me Luggage Tag

Did you know that over 3,000 pieces of luggage are lost worldwide every day? Well worry no more! With the 'Trace Me Luggage Tag' you can have the peace of mind that, should your luggage go astray, you can locate your bag even when hapless airlines can't. This durable, credit card sized tag attaches to your luggage and carries a unique serial number and barcode.

The cleverness of this gizmo isn't the tag itself; it's actually the secure database to which the tag is linked, which is used by police, airlines and baggage handlers around the world. So, no matter where your bag ends up, a quick scan of a barcode can tell the authorities exactly who it belongs to. Not only that but the baggage owner will also receive an email and text message detailing exactly where the lost bag is. All this and just £12.50 for a lifetime membership.

Carbon Monoxide Travel Alarm

With an increasing number of tragedies linked to carbon monoxide (CO), apartments, hotels, holiday homes and villas could all be potentially unsafe. We all know that exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide kills, so how can we stay safe whilst travelling abroad? The answer an audible CO travel alarm. These clever travel gadgets fit easily into your luggage and for just a small investment (around £20) could possibly save your life. After all, if you don't have one, you probably won't even know you’re being poisoned, as this lethal gas is both colourless and odourless - invest in one today!

Lifeventure EX3 Silk Sleepers

Recommended by The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Awards, these luxury sleepers can be used on their own as an lightweight sleeping bag for warmer climates or as a liner to add warmth to a normal sleeping bag. Designed by travel accessory experts Lifeventure these clever lightweight sleepers offer more than just a cosy night; they also have the added benefit of EX3 protection, a special treatment that helps to protect you against bacteria, bed bugs and even mosquitos. Made from 100% silk, these comfy cocoons also offer a hidden security pocket to stash your valuables and retail from just £29.99 making them ideal for backpackers and travellers alike.

Cavius 4 in 1 Travel Alarm

This ingenious travel gadget is the ultimate travelling companion providing 4 safety features in one compact, lightweight device. Easy to use this unique personal travel alarm provides peace of mind and offers all round protection including attack alarm, optical smoke alarm, instant door alarm and delayed bag alarm. Fitting neatly in the palm of your hand and retailing at around £24.99 the Cavius 4 in 1 is the must have safety and security gadget whilst travelling abroad.


Sailing the seven seas? Then protect your valuables from going overboard with Waterbuoy. This clever little gadget can be attached to practically anything under 1kg and contains a high-strength balloon which automatically inflates on contact with water; ensuring your valuables don't sink to the depths of the deep blue sea. Ideal for keys, mobile phones, cameras GPS devices and radios.

Waterbuoy even has a built-in, high-intensity LED beacon which can be seen from over 250m at night. At just £10.99 Waterbuoy is the must have travel gadget for anyone travelling by boat.