Since last few days a new scam is spreading on Facebook very fast. This new Facebook scam says that you can get a free Facebook t-shirt by visiting a particular link. Once you will click that link, the same message will be started going out from your account to your friend's stream. And whenever any of your friend will click on that link, the same thing will happen with his/her profile. Since Facebook is the most popular social networking site, this Facebook scam is spreading really fast.

I had noticed that few days back but i felt to write a post about it today when I saw suddenly lots of those scam updates are coming in my stream from my friend's profile. You can check a sample image of the Free Facebook T-Shirt scam below.


So, if you see any update like this in your stream then do not click on the link and also inform your friends about it by sharing this post to them.

Stay away from scams, Stay safe :)