When planning or researching for an upcoming vacation, applications available on your smartphone can make the experience much less stressful and easier to organize while allowing you to share and read about your friend’s travel plans in a social networking environment. With more people using social networking to keep in contact with friends and family, it’s no surprise that travel planning is included in the mix.

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Social Networking Apps for Travelers -

TripIt is a way to inform your social network about your upcoming travel plans. You can input information about the car rental, flight and hotel information to have it all available in one easy-to-access place. Fans of chronological information will find the fact that it orders the information in the exact order that you’ll need it, such as departing flight, arrival, car rental and hotel location in the order you’ll need to know the information.

To make the process of updating even faster, they also added a feature that will automatically import hotel, airline and travel confirmation emails from a Gmail account into the app. Sharing can be automatic or set to manual for a more private setting and information can be updated using Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or on the web.


Bumped (now renamed 'JetZet') takes a different route to link together travelers. Instead of showing your itinerary to friends or family members, it connects you to strangers with similar travel plans. You can meet up with someone else traveling where you are for some company or to interact with. Your trips can be added for frequent commutes or one-time trips. Its primary purpose is to decrease the dull travels by connecting individuals who are going to or from the same location who share similar interests.


Social Networking Apps for Travelers - Dopplr

Dopplr is another service that allows its members to share tips about places they’ve traveled such as where they recommend staying, eating or which attractions are must-see. Information is a bit more difficult to update, requiring that you either send a direct message through Twitter to Dopplr or forward the confirmation emails for your flight or hotel reservation to the service. Your network automatically sees the location and dates of your travels. The primary strength of Dopplr is the tips feature because, while a tour guide or website can encourage you to visit, there is nothing like reading first-hand experience about a location.

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GlobeTrooper is a service worth checking out if you consider yourself an adventurous traveler. Similar to Bumped.in, it connects strangers who share common interests but instead of looking at a commute, it seeks to link together people who want travel partners. Users can create and share, or look for others, who share itineraries for trips ranging from mountaineering to bicycling or touring for food and wine.

The creator of the trip has ultimate control over the details and can add specifics about how many people he or she is looking for and the estimated costs associated with the trip. He or she is also in charge of adding photographs and providing adequate warnings about drastic culture changes, distance from other locations and any risk factors that go with the trip.

Traveling is a captivating and intriguing experience that is only enhanced by sharing with other individuals, whether friends and family or someone with similar interests.

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