A new service by Google is changing the way people enjoy apps, games, music and other media on their devices.

Google Play is a cloud-based service where users can share their media, both online and on their Android devices. Google Play, formerly the Android Market, is much more than a rebranding of their music site. It is the consolidation of five media types, namely music, movies, games, apps and books. And there are many benefits to using the service on your own Android phone.

How Google Play Will Be a Game Changer to Your Mobile Experience

First of all, all of your media is stored on Google servers, which means that you don't have to worry about making room for new media on your phone. Second, you may be able to access titles that have been difficult to find in your area. Third, most of what you download with Google Play and your wi-fi connection can be enjoyed offline as well as on.

But the best news is that you don't have to be an Android owner to enjoy all that Google Play has to offer. A Google account is all that's needed to manage all of your media in the cloud, and you can do the same things with the service that Android users can do.

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How Google Play Will Be a Game Changer to Your Mobile Experience

Music Fans

First introduced as a section of the Android Market around 2010, Google Play Music offers any device that can use Adobe Flash a wide variety of streaming music. That includes desktop computers and tablets. Unfortunately, if you live outside the United States, you won't yet be able to take advantage of the streaming service. Songs are priced in four tiers, from free to just over a dollar. Like other available media, music files can also be enjoyed offline. Users can upload their own music, to the tune of 20,000, at no cost. And Google has said that it also plans to surprise Google Play Music users with interviews and exclusive concerts from time to time.

Movie Buffs

Those wanting to watch movies from anywhere on their phone can do so with Google Play Movies, which offers a slew of them in virtually any genre, from comedy to documentary to drama. Users wishing to watch movies can rent and watch them either from the Google Play site or via the Google Play Movie app. The app also allows for the downloading and viewing of movies offline. Currently, movies are only available in four countries including the U.S. and Canada, but the service is likely to expand to more.

Gamers and Appers

Just how many games are available via Google Play The answer is unclear, but by visiting Google Play Games, the Android user will have eight game categories from which they can get their game on. Sports, racing, brain and arcade games and much more awaits.

For the app user, a convenient way to find the right app for your device lies in the filters used when you do a search for the apps you want. The filters automatically display which apps are compatible with your make and model of phone. Paid apps can be purchased from your phone, or downloaded from developer sites or third party locations. Users can access over four hundred thousand apps as of March 2012.

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Book Worms

Whether you want to buy a new title or read a classic for free, your chances of finding it are pretty good, according to Google Play Books, who says that it has almost 3 million free titles and pay-for books that number in the hundreds of thousands. Using the Google Play app allows you to read offline, or offline if you don't think you'll be in an area with access when you're ready to read. Google Play Books is currently offered in four countries including the United States and Australia.