To build a business website, do some web development planning ahead of time about your requirements. Business sites require thinking through the technology, resources and budget behind the effort. A personal site can get by with fewer resources at lower cost. Let this website building infographic stimulate some thought about where to start and where you may want to end up in your website venture. Can you build it on your own in your spare time or do you need some help from professionals? This graphic shows only a sample of some of the most popular choices for building a website.

Along the way to getting your site live, you will hear from salesmen and advocates for all sorts of products, most of which you won't need until your site gets off the ground. Keep your development and hosting costs low by sticking to what you need. The infrastructure and hardware among web hosting services are not all so different. The most important thing to consider is getting the support and and service you need when the unexpected occurs. specializes in simple, secure and customer service oriented web hosting.

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