We all know that any type of distractions while driving can be dangerous. After the drunk driving, one of the biggest reason behind distraction behind wheels is talking on the phone. So, it is better to avoid using your phone when you are driving. But if it is necessary to answer a call then, you need to have some nice gadgets and smartphone accessory for that.

Earlier, I have posted about the best bluetooth earphones for safe driving but they are still not that comfortable and safe. I have recently received the Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3+ for the review purpose from LoveCases.co.uk which is a leading gadget accessory seller. You can buy some cool accessories for your smartphone, tablets, laptops, iPod Touch 5G etc from there.

The hands-on review of the Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3+ is given below. Have a look on it to find how it can help you in driving safely.

Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Visor Kit

Clip and Talk Bluetooth Speakerphone Visor Car Kit V3+ : Hands-On Review


The design of the device is simple and easy to understand. There are just three buttons on the front. They perform multiple tasks depending on your necessity. The only button on the top is a Mute button. The weight of the speaker is very less but it does not affect its performance in any way.

There is a detachable clip given which you can put in the back of the speaker and then you can clip the speaker wherever you want in your car like, at the sun-visor or the steering or on the dashboard. The LED given on the front side emits blue and red light which looks nice too.


It easily connects with any phone having the bluetooth capability. The entire process of pairing up your phone to the Bluetooth car kit takes just few seconds. If you want to pair the device to a new phone then all you gotta do is to reset the device and follow the same steps. You can even pair two phones to the Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit simultaneously too but you can use only one of them at a time.

Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Visor Kit

The setup is easy but it is really important to read the user manual before using it as the same keys perform multiple tasks.


The battery performs pretty well of this bluetooth car kit. A car charger and USB cable is given to charge the device. As claimed, it provides 45 days of standby time and 16 hours of talking after one full charge. I still have not confirmed this stat yet but the battery is working good so far.

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The sound coming out from the speaker is clear and loud. And it works perfectly even in the noise as the speaker is loud enough to let you listen and reply. It receives the call instantly and the speaker starts ringing.

To give you a complete hands-free experience, it also supports the voice dialing. So if your phone supports it, you can make calls and talk directly without even touching your phone.

One of the drawback is that it does not support the Internet calls. So, if you receive a call on some VOIP service like Viber, Skype etc then, you will have to pick your phone and answer the call manually.

Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3+ is a nice accessory for your car and phone, specially if you get frequent calls while driving. You must buy it as it helps you in driving safely, provides nice quality audio, having a reasonable price and a very good battery life.