While driving while under the influence of alcohol or while intoxicated is never a good or safe idea, sometimes, people don't realize that they are actually impaired. Have you ever gone to the bar with the expectation of having one or two beers only to consume several more than you should have? You may be in luck. If you're heading out to the pub this evening, your mobile phone may be your new best wing-man if you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an Android mobile phone.

Two Mobile Phone Apps That Help Avoid Drunk Driving


DrinkTracker iPhone App

With DrinkTracker, your iPhone or iPod Touch can calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC) by the minute. This makes it easy to keep within the legal limit for driving, and offers a number of additional features for times when you're inclined not to consume responsibly. The application retails for $1.99 in the iPhone App Store and is packed with content.

Upon downloading DrinkTracker, users are prompted to create a profile. Set with age, height, weight and gender, the profile allows personal details to be stored and saved for multiple users on the same device. BAC calculations are based on your size, so inputting accurate information is crucial for reliable results. Next, select from a one-tap list of drinks to create a favorites list. If your beverage of choice is not listed, you can add it manually. The drinks can be sorted into any order you fancy, so your current favorites can always be at the top of the list. DrinkTracker allows you to use Imperial, US or metric measures to determine BAC accurately from your home town to your vacation across the pond.

DrinkTracker updates your BAC every 60 seconds by comparing your alcohol intake to your metabolic rate. In the event that you turn the application off, it saves the data. When you resume drinking, the calculations will reset, taking the lapsed time into account with your new BAC level. You can even set a target BAC level-- DrinkTracker will alert you when you are nearing the legal limit for driving if you have saved the value in your smartphone.

When you're done partying, DrinkTracker will help you navigate home with an integrated global positioning feature. Whether you need directions for driving or help hailing a cab, the application can assist. You can even make texts to your friends informing them of your location--useful for meeting up for more adult beverages or getting picked up if the night is over.

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AlcoDroid Android App

Android users can enjoy many of the same features that DrinkTracker provides and a few unique features as well. A similar application, called AlcoDroid, is available for free to Android users. AlcoDroid calculates BAC, but it is designed to help people change their drinking habits to save money and improve health. In addition to a fully-customizable favorite drinks list and the ability to use any system of measurement, the app keeps a diary of all drinks consumed, including price, alcoholic content and the amount of time over which the drinks were consumed. Users can track their results with illustrated graphs and instantly share them on Facebook or email. This is an excellent app for those who want to curb their habits at the bar.

*Because both these mobile phone apps depend on user input, they are unofficial guides and cannot be used as tools in defense of unlawful activity; consider them for entertainment value only. The responsibility is still yours.