Internet marketing is one of the important and powerful mediums of advertising for all forms of businesses nowadays. Internet marketing also crosses the geographical boundaries and offers wider audience and adds global appeal to your businesses. Read the importance of keyword analysis in SEO in this article.

Several other search engines help the users every day, to find the required things that they are searching for. The search queries that users type in search engines are known as keywords. The search engines also crawl billions of pages on regularly basis, and offers different page scores based on the various elements.

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Importance of Keyword Analysis in SEO

Importance of Keyword Analysis in SEO

1. Webpage Score

The webpage score depends upon the number of visits and traffic attained for that particular page and it is given internally by search engines. In order to get more traffic, you just need to follow the “search engine optimization” basics, and one can research low competition keywords through different keyword tools. Keywords are the deal makers and breakers in the online market, and the right selection can help you in securing the top rankings in Google, and other major search engines pretty easily.

I think I need to explain my experience over here. I have started a location based education website. Though, the competition for my targeted keywords is really high and I have to compete with High Authority domains. I have focused on a keyword “AP Eamcet” that which is having around 100k searches/month. Since my webpage is pretty young and I cannot afford to compete with matured sites for my focused keyword AP Eamcet. I tried for another keyword “Eamcet 2011” which also has 90k search traffic while the competition is comparatively low. Still, I’ve decided to focus on AP Eamcet and ended up by wasting my time. So, before you start focusing on the keywords, it is the prime duty of the webmaster to analyze his/her webpage’s strength, and else they’ll waste time like I did in my AP Eamcet case study.

2. Importance of Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword analysis helps in increasing the conversions, optimizing marketing costs, and finding new markets; however, it requires more time in decision making and examining. Keyword search knowledge frequency offers insight to market behavior that can be applied to various business aspects.

Keyword research is one of the important aspects in online marketing. You should have enough expertise in "Keyword Research" to be a successful SEO professional. Research process helps you in finding right keywords that describes the business as well as increase the overall site rankings.

Appropriate keyword analysis and research will help you in driving relevant traffic to your site, and vice-versa holds true too; research can be done through Google AdWords and other keyword research tools such as Micro Niche Finder, or Market Samurai. A search engine marketing professional with good enough SEO knowledge must have the capability of pin-pointing the right keywords for optimizing the website.

If you plan for website promotion through pay per impression advertising or Pay Per Click, keyword selection becomes even more important, because you end up paying significant amount of money for every visitor, and you simply can’t afford to go wrong in keyword selection in PPC marketing. Keyword analysis is done in several ways such as -

  • Highest Hit Search Analysis
  • Lowest Hit Search Analysis
  • Search Context Analysis
  • Single Keyword Analysis
  • Search Term Error Analysis
  • SEO Campaign and Keyword Analysis

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3. Hitting the Long-tail

Choose six to seven long keyword phrases that have enough search volume, and low competition (these are commonly referred to as long-tail keywords)... These keywords can drive majority of the traffic, because trying relentlessly to rank for high competition keywords isn’t that good an idea!

Identifying as well as focusing upon the high-conversion keywords is pretty good for your business, and doing so also ensures high ROI.