There are many people who have their own website or blog but they do not get any visitors to their site. What is the sense of a website or blog if you do not have visitors? If you follow some basic rules you will get some targeted traffic to your website.

Tip for Getting Backlinks for your Website

Basic Rules

The most important rule is unique and quality content. Never try to copy someone else´s ideas and publish them on your website. All the search engines will detect these articles immediately and downgrade or even kick you out of the index. If you provide interesting articles about your chosen topic search engines and visitors will like your website. The aim is that visitors like your content so much that they place some links back to your content on their Facebook profile or other websites.

There we come to the next rule. Do not just leave your content on your website alone. Get some backlinks from other sites to promote your articles. The fastest way is to use social bookmarks like These social bookmarking services will not only bring your website into the index of Google very fast but also give a good backlink. Concerning the backlinks it is also important that you do not take every backlink. If the website which is linking to your website has good quality then the backlink is worth much more quality then of a poor quality site. Remember that a poor quality backlink can also downgrade the power of your site.

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Tip for Getting Backlinks for your Website

Getting first Links

As already said, register at some social bookmarking services to get first backlinks. Another way of getting good backlinks is by providing quality content to other websites. You give other websites new and unique content where you can put a link back to your site. This means that you will get a good quality backlink. You can offer the same to other people websites. A good platform to exchange content is At this platform for example, you can write a guest post on Camera Reviews, but there are many different categories to choose from.

There also are several webmaster discussion boards where you can ask to exchange links. This means you link to a website and they link back to you. A well known webmaster forum is As you can see, it is not that hard to get started. You just need to invest a little time and off you go.

Getting High Authority Backlinks

As soon as you have built up some first links and visitors started to come to your website you can start getting some high authority backlinks. It is important that you don´t get those right at the beginning because then search engines will think that your site is built up for spam reasons. Link building needs to look natural after all. By authority links we mean websites with high Alexa and Page Rank. Both indicators show the importance of a website. Page Rank more the importance and Alexa Rank more the monthly visitors.

These kind of links you can get from social media platforms like Facebook or from article directories. Create a profile of your company or person on Facebook or Twitterand write about your latest posts on your website. In this way you will attract more visitors and keep your regular visitors updated. Besides Social Media you can also submit articles to quality article directories like or publish a press release.

As you can see it is not that hard to be visible on the search engines but bare in mind that there are thousands of websites created which means that you always need to work on your backlinks in order to get to the first page on the search engines.