An Internet business can only be run well if you have traffic your way. Even if you are selling a super product, you will still have to be well-known and your identity imprinted in the net, if you want to have traffic hitting your sites. This is here where backlinks play a critical role as they are the incoming links to a webpage or website. Search engines consider that the number of backlinks indicates the importance of the webpage or website, rendering it most important for you to build up your backlinks. Here are 5 Free Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Site.

5 Free Ways To Build Backlinks To Your Site

5 Free Ways To Build Backlinks To Your Site

Social Networking

The ideal way to create backlinks is to start commenting on blogs and leaving your URL in the comment field. You can join forums and leave posts there leaving your link in the signature portion. If the topic in the forum is closely related to your web niche, you could join in, in the discussion. This will give you an opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded people who share an interest in the topic. You could also start posting in the social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Starting article marketing is a sure way to get backlinks. If you search the web you will find a hoard of articles directories like,, etc.

You can write articles on any subject that is close to your web niche. You must make sure that your articles have a catchy title, are grammatically perfect and that the facts are true and up to date, only then will it get approved in the popular articles directories.

Videos & Audios

You could change and repack your content and post them to all the different areas online and point them back to your website. You can create backlinks from videos, audio, pdfs, PowerPoint presentations. This will help you to get noticed by more people and in turn your visitor traffic will see a marked improvement.

.Edu and .Gov

The sites .edu and .gov have very high ranking with Google. Google always looks out for websites that are .edu and .gov. If there are two sites and one is a .com and the other is an .edu or .gov., Google is likely to place more importance to these sites then compared to .com. If you go to and make a payment, you will definitely find some people that will create such links for you.

Play Detective

To have a better knowledge of how your competitors are creating these backlinks you could start to spy on them to get an idea of the site from where they are getting their backlinks. When you have these sites, you can then start to create backlinks from there. Go to the Yahoo site explorer and type in the URL of the sites that you intend to spy on and this will help you to find out the site your competitors are linking to.

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The above 5 Free Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Site, which are one of the crucial ways in which you can increase traffic to your business site. Traffic is a must if you want to do business. Unlike brick and mortar offices, where you have a place to advertise your goods and put them on physical display, where anyone passing will be able to view it, in online business, you will have to endeavor to get visitors to your site, or your goods will remain unsold. Build your backlinks, build visibility, invite traffic and prosperity, and let your business grow.