This morning when I woke up and checked the news on my phone then, I was shocked to see the news about the death of Steve Jobs, ex CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs died on Wednesday at the age of 56 due to pancreatic cancer. He was suffering from this since last year and that is why, resigned from the CEO post of Apple few months back.Steve Jobs was the face of Apple Inc since a long time and helped in making Apple Inc the top brand in the world

R.I.P Steve Jobs : In Loving Memory Of ......

Here I am sharing two of my posts about Steve Jobs showing the history of the Steve Jobs and top 10 memorable moments from the life of Steve Jobs. which I have made earlier but never knew that I will have to share them with you all once again so soon.

Top 10 Memorable Moments Of Steve Jobs (Videos)

The History Of Apple & Steve Jobs (Infographic)

Steve Jobs was one of the most desired, loved and respected person in the world of technology and gadgets. Even though he is gone, he will be always there with us in our heart....

R.I.P Steve Jobs