Steve Jobs is no more the CEO of the Apple and Tim Cook is selected as the new CEO of the Apple by Steve Jobs himself. Steve Jobs sent his resignation letter to the Apple Board Of Directors which was published on many news sites and tech blogs.

Steve Jobs did a great job as the CEO of the Apple by making it the world's top brand with the help of products like Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Here I am sharing the top 10 moments of the life of Steve Jobs as the founder and CEO of Apple Inc. It will also help you in understanding the evolution of the Apple Inc.

Top 10 Moments Of Steve Jobs (Videos)

Top 10 Moments Of Steve Jobs (Videos)

1. When Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interviewed Together

2. 1983 Apple Event Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

3. Apple CEO Steve Jobs Interview – “I hired the wrong guy…”

4. Steve Jobs Documentary

5. 1983 – Steve Jobs announces the first Macintosh

6. Steve Jobs at the 1997 WWDC – Question that contains an Insult

7. Steve Jobs on Apple’s Ways

8. Steve Jobs: We don’t ship junk

9. CNBC Titans: Steve Jobs

10. Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address