If you are a Blogger or Webmaster then you must be knowing that how important is link building for SEO and various purpose like Page Rank, to gain good ranking in search engines etc. But it is not an easy task to get some quality links as not all links are good for your blog.

Getting a backlink from an .edu or .gov site is the best cause they are always respected for SEO as there is no threat of bad neighborhood. But how to find the .edu and .gov sites to get backlinks? Here is the solution for that.

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HOW TO : Get Thousands Of Backlinks Easily From .Gov & .Edu Sites

HOW TO : Get Thousands Of Backlinks Easily From .Gov & .Edu Sites

DropMyLink.com let you search various websites for desired keywords and other metrics like KeywordLuv, Hubpages, directories and much more.

HOW TO : Get Thousands Of Backlinks Easily From .Gov & .Edu Sites

As you can see in the pic given above that all you have to do is to enter the keyword and the type of sites you want to search and it will provide you the list of websites with desired keywords. Now, you can easily select the .edu, .gov, KeywordLuv blogs etc. to get thousands of backlinks easily for your blog.

It will show you a list of all the .Gov and .Edu websites on which you can get backlinks by creating a profile, leaving a comment etc. This is really a beneficial tool if you are planning to improve the SEO of your website by getting some authority backlinks.