When you have lots of SEO articles to write it is easy to get into a routine in which you type frantically and throw in the keywords ‘willy-nilly'in an automatic sort of way. This is completely understandable but it often leads to articles which are dull to read and look as they the writer was only interested in getting the end while fitting in the words which they were getting paid to use.

Maybe you need to stop thinking about your keywords as being something to get out of the way as easily as possible and instead treat them like ladies.

Treat Your SEO Keywords Like Ladies

Find the Connection

Every would-be Romeo knows that you won’t get far with a new relationship if you don’t take the time to find a few things in common. When it comes to your SEO keywords you shouldn’t just take them at face value either. They might look like just two or three ordinary words but if you think about them for a while then you should be able to see some personality and life in them which makes copywriting with them so much easier. You don’t need to take your keyword phrases out to the cinema but you should spend a bit of time thinking about them so they you feel that you really understand them.

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Be Patient

No gentleman would ever rush a lady, would he? If there is something I hate seeing it is an article which seems in a rush to spill out the keywords. With barely an introduction the writer tries to unsubtly slide his hand around the reader’s shoulder and gently caress their soft, delicate skin in a, hang on a second, where was I? Ah yes, I think that it is far better to take your time and make your introduction something which has little or nothing to do with the keywords. As you gain the reader’s trust you can then put them in with a greater degree of confidence that they aren’t going to spoil the article for anyone. In fact, I sometimes start the article without even looking to see what the actual keywords are. This also adds a bit of a challenge to the proceedings, which leads me fairly subtly onto my next point.

The Bigger the Challenge the More It Is Worth It

As in any other profession, some copywriting jobs are so easy that they give you limited satisfaction. There are some subjects which every professional writer has already done loads of times and could do again in their sleep. However, it is worth exploring the more difficult keywords as well. If you have a list of relevant keywords then maybe you have been putting off a few of those trickier ones over and over again. I once got given a job in which the chosen phrases were the names of terminal illnesses. Following day after day of putting it to the bottom of the pile with a grimace I finally plucked up the courage to look into the subject of incurable diseases and human mortality. It took me a fair bit of time but at the end of the day I was proud of having written decent, helpful articles which might actually come in very useful for some people in the future. Don’t forget that the difficult ones are often the ones which are truly worth the effort in the long run.

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