As Apple says, ‘There’s an app for that’ and the world of gambling is no different. There is a wide array of casino and card games over all the smartphone platforms, some which are for the serious betters amongst us and some which use play money and are more suitable for someone who just wants to have a bit of fun. Here is a rundown of the five best ‘play for fun’ gambling games which are perfect if you fancy a dabble without the responsibility of using real money.

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Let ‘em ride $2.99

This is a casino game iPhone app and is based on the popular Let it Ride game which you can find in real casinos. You start by placing three bets for which you are given three cards. Judging by what cards you have you can bring one of your bets down or leave it as it is and essentially ‘let ‘em ride.’ It is faced paced, exciting and the graphics are great, all adding to the user experience. You will have to part with $2.99 to buy the game but after that no money exchanges hands taking the pressure off and leaving you to have some fun.

Payday $0.99

If you like roulette games then this is the one to invest in for your iPhone. It comes with instructions and a guide, very helpful if you are new to the gambling (albeit friendly) world and allows you to play nearly every move you would be able to do on a table in a real life casino. The graphics are brilliant which is very important when you are playing a game which relies on the smallest of details. For the price this is a great quality game in all areas and runs so smoothly you can almost forget you are sat on the train going to work.

Bingo! $5.99

This app is great for whiling away a few hours and is very easy to play. There are four other virtual contestants which you will play against, John, Jane, Tony and Nico who make it fun and interesting every time. It is available for Blackberry phones at $5.99.

Baccarat Pro $2.99

This came comes from the same developers as Let ‘em ride and delivers such a true to life experience that it is great to perfect your skills with before you hit Monte Carlo or Vegas. It helps you identify winning streaks throughout the game and helps you improve with its unique ‘Ask the dealer’ setting where hands are wins are explained to you. With this app you will have mastered the game in no time, ready to impress your friends at the real thing.

Slots Royale – Free

This is one of the best slot machine games out there. It is free to buy which is a huge plus and is incredibly well designed. It also has high definition graphics and the option to post your scores on all the networking sites and compare with friends. You can also play online with other players from around the world which means that, although you don’t play with real money, you have a sense of interaction which makes it seem all the more real.