Sometimes work, or even school work can get pretty tedious. The internet can be your best friend when you are bored. If you are feeling especially bored, here are some sites that will leave you laughing and wanting more. Just be warned, these sites can be extremely addictive. If you've got a couple of minutes, be warned, that it will turn into a couple of hours. You will be left laughing and possibly crying with joy. Take a look at these 7 sites that will make you laugh.

Top 7 Sites to Make You Laugh

Top 7 Sites to Make You Laugh

This is a great site to make you laugh. Some of the things that are posted are funny pictures of people completely failing at something. Often, there are signs that have really bad typos, or people that have dressed too weird. You'll feel better about yourself, and you'll get a laugh out of other people's expense.

Cats have started to take a hold of the internet. This site is where you can find the best kitty stuff. There are pictures with kitties that say things with bad spelling and grammar. Cats cannot get any cuter on this site. If you are having a bad day, this should be the first site that you visit. You'll feel better after looking at a cute kitty cat with big eyes.

Do you ever think that your family is weird? If you are having a bad day with your family, hop on this site. You'll realize that your family isn't that bad. This site is completely dedicated to all of the weird family photos that are out there―and there are a ton. Just be warned that this site gets awkward, fast.

This site is pretty funny. If you are ever feeling remorseful about a text that you sent to your ex, get on this site and you probably won't feel so bad. Be warned, this site is definitely for older audiences.

Have you ever gone to Walmartto people watch? Walmart is full of many interesting characters. This site documents them all. This will make you realize that going to Walmart in your pajamas might not be the best idea, especially if people can document it!

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Auto correct can be pretty useful. But, it can also be pretty annoying. This site has all of the best auto correct fails.

This site is dedicated to things that look alike. Celebrities that look like fruit. Or fruits that look like celebrities. This is a funny site that will make you laugh.