The Internet has revolutionized how we access news, communication and even education. It is often hailed as the most important development in humanity’s history since we learned how to make tools and farm food.
Of course, the most important innovation of the Internet is its capacity to provide us with an instant laugh when we need a pick-me-up. If you are in the mood for some laughs, check out these paragons of humor and you will not be disappointed.

Funniest Stuff On The Internet

The Onion

It bills itself as America’s Finest News Source, and the Onion is certainly one of the premier satirical publications on the planet. With uproarious headlines and hilarious, yet insightful social commentary, you can always rely on The Onion to give you a giggle.

The videos of The Onion News Network are equally chuckleworthy, with a cast of characters whose resemblance to real media personalities only intensifies the humor. Of course, the new paywall for foreign readers limits the amount of laughs that overseas readers can enjoy for free – here’s hoping they don’t extend it to the USA!

Hark! A Vagrant!

Canadian Kate Beaton’s characteristic drawing style and obvious love of history brings the past to life in an irreverent, sidesplitting way. Her comic strips often focus on the famous historical individuals we all know, but her true talent is in her depictions of lesser-known figures and obscure historical facts.

Beaton’s comics will no doubt prompt you into reading up on the amusing, absurd, and often scandalous lives of our forefathers – who says that learning isn’t fun?

I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Okay, so LOLcats are no longer at the cutting edge of internet humor, but the fact remains that there’s still something damn funny about the idea of cats talking – and that, of course, they would not be able to use proper English.

Anyone who doesn’t laugh at least once after flicking through a few of the LOLcats on I Can Haz Cheezburger clearly has a malfunctioning funny bone and needs a visit from Serious Cat.

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While many of the jokes can go over the heads of those who aren’t science-minded, XKCD is rightly an institution in the field of webcomics. Frequently hilarious and often sentimentally touching, you have to give XKCD credit for their success in making science a comedy vehicle. I bet they could even make a miniature load cell and load cell calibration funny.

The Axis of Awesome

This Australian comic band is becoming an Internet sensation, with their music videos gaining thousands of YouTube hits. Satirizing modern music and culture, they combine irreverent lyrics and commentary with catchy tunes and addictive beats. Check out ‘How to Write A Love Song’ for a taste of what they can offer