Humour is something that depends largely on personal taste. If you are looking for some interesting reading material that keeps you entertained, then you have to dwell into the world of funny blogs. Some of these blogs are so mindless and funny, you will get addicted to them for unexplainable reasons.

For some extraordinary reading-times in the future, here’s a look at five reasons why blogs work:

The 5 Funniest, but Lesser-Known, Blogs to Follow

The Five Funniest, but Lesser-Known, Blogs to Follow

The Stuff White People Like (

This is one place where you can find some of the most hilarious content on white people, “hep” people with their fancy interests and toys, rugby-shirted Ivy-League alumni and more. The blog takes hits at the snob-class in society as well as at the fire ant snorting-variety who dwell in their own mindless environs.

Based completely on the general perception of the extraordinary likes and dislikes of white Americans, the blog focuses on “whitening” everything that it can lay its hands on. Hate mails and appreciation, alike, pours in for Christian Lander who has even launched a book about the “Whiter Shades of Pale”. You have to wonder what a book will do for a blog!

Screw You (

Based entirely on freelancers and their unique work-situation, the blog tries to bring about some of the incredible, and by that I mean unbelievably ridiculous, works of freelancers from around the world. It tries to highlight some of the industry issues as well, when it comes to freelancers such as the tiny pay packages that they receive for the endless litres of midnight oil lightings, and so on.

A number of freelancers also contribute their ideas to the blog and that helps maintain the momentum. There are plenty of segments that run on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and if you are a freelancer looking to find some like minded people, then this is the place to be.

The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks (

A rather unusual name for a blog that does exactly what it says – it shows you glimpses of road and business signage that tend to use quotation marks without any real thought. There are some really funny examples and people send in their entries from wherever they encounter them.

While the author does try to add in a punch line with each picture, there really isn’t any substance in the lines as stating the obvious really takes away from the pictures. As long as you ignore that part of the blog, you will find that every image has some excellent examples that will keep you rolling on the floor.

The Anti DC (

If you live in Washington DC, then this one is tailor-made for you. The blog is all about bringing the DC way of life, with all its political background and news-making events, with a twist. The blog simply points out the truth and nothing more – and that makes us realise that there are, indeed, a lot of smiles to be had if you do take a different look at life.

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The Problem with Young People Today is… (

This is one for the history books! The blog is written by Don Mills who claims to hate youngsters. For him, its all about comparing his own life with that of the youngsters of today, for whom he couldn’t care less. His fans are amongst all age groups and if you are looking for an entertaining read that could make your day, then tune in to Mills because he is miles ahead of all else.