Think that you have it bad working long hours, in a office the whole day. Think again, below we take a look at some the world worst jobs:

Top 10 Worst Jobs in the World

1. Paradise Island Caretaker

Now this used to be at the top of the best jobs in the world list, but after the position was filled, things clearly changed. An online competition urged people to apply for the best job in the world which saw the winner live in a luxury villa at Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef as the caretaker. Unfortunately, when Ben Southall of England got the job, he didn’t realise that he would be constantly working throughout the six-month contract. He said that although the pay was great, he spent almost 17 hours a day working, having blogged constantly about what he was doing and attending media events. Nothing could actually be worse than being in paradise, and not being able to enjoy it.

2. Sewer cleaner

Nothing says “I hate my life” more than spending hours in a tight spot while trying to unclog huge amounts of human waste. This only gets worse in poorer countries, where the sheer amount of waste surging through the drains ends up in constant clogging, meaning that you have a very busy schedule. The sole purpose of your job is to clear out blockages so that the sewers can continue to run smoothly. Just make sure that you keep your mouth closed and start studying part-time so that you can find an escape route.

3. Animal sperm collector

Imagine heading into work in the morning, grabbing your giant replica of a rhino vagina and then manually stimulating these giant beasts to collect sperm samples. This is what some researchers are in charge of when it comes to studying the fertility of certain animals, or for artificial insemination purposes. This can also be dangerous – as with animals such as bulls, this brave soul needs to get in there when the male has mounted his target, and then guide its missile into the fake vagina to collect the samples.

A Guard at Buckingham Palace

4. A Guard at Buckingham Palace

You are not allowed to move, talk, smile, laugh or chat with your fellow colleagues. Every morning, you have to get up early, prepare your outfit so that you look at your best, and then go stand in one position for hours on end. On top of this, everyone in the world knows this and when they finally get to go to England, they will do everything in their power to make you flinch. Whether it is girls rubbing up against you, or guys throwing insults and trying to intimidate you – every day is a bad day.

5. Roadkill Collector

We’ve all driven past a poor animal that has met its end on a main road or highway. Their intestines are no longer hidden from the eye and in the worst cases, you can’t even tell what animal it used to be. Many people won’t take responsibility after hitting these creatures with their car, which means that a roadkill collector comes in to clean up the mess. Your day is filled by taking a shovel, risking your life in the traffic and scraping the remains off of the boiling tar road…

6. Porto Potty Cleaner

When you head out to your next big music festival, drink copious amounts of alcohol and turn the portable loo into somewhat of a nightmare, spare a though for the person who is going to hose it down. With tanks full of human waste and the smell of vomit and urine leaking out of every opening, you know you are in for a horrible day at the office. These toilets need to be thoroughly scrubbed after every event, as nobody wants to hire a loo that is not squeaky clean to begin with. Grab that toothbrush and get to work…

7. Adult Theatre Cleaner

An adult theatre is frequented by some pretty strange people to say the least, but once the groaning stops and the lights come back on, your job begins. You will need to ensure that things are clean and ready for the next screening. Vacuuming up tons of tissues while trying to walk down the sticky, disgusting isles will surely dampen your mood by the time you get home. So, if you want to keep your love life intact, try something else.

8. Coal Miner

Prepare to be stuck in a hot, dark place for long hours while enduring backbreaking work for a pittance in wages. Not only will you be completely drained by then end of the day, but you will also be breathing in a dangerous amount of dust every day. You will come out of the earth covered in black soot and I’m pretty sure that after a month at work, everything tastes like coal. Unfortunately, the growth possibility in this position is not that great, so chances are you will die from dust inhalation before you even see a fancy office.

B-class stripper - Elizabeth Berkley

9. B-class Stripper

Now we all know that top class strippers earn a fortune for simply dancing around while slowly removing their clothing. They are protected by gigantic security guards who ensure that patrons never get out of hand, and they also pocket an immense amount of money. There are, unfortunately, other places where girls are forced to defend themselves as drunken patrons try their luck and, in many cases, need to offer other favours to meet their monthly bills.

10. Butler

Now you could give this the fanciest name in the world, but the bottom line is – you are a slave. You are paid to cater for someone whenever they call and cannot argue. Sure, they cannot request something that goes against your human rights, but you are basically controlled by the bell. Bring drinks, fetch clothes, stand in the corner silently while the guests devour mouth-watering treats and then clean up when they have had their fill… is this really worth the money?

Ben is an experienced recruiter that has placed many top candidates in different jobs all over Africa from He started his career focusing on engineering jobs, but today recruits candidates in almost all sectors.