Although there are thousands of office accidents that end up injuring people in very serious ways it is safe to say that talking about those wouldn’t really make a very interesting blog post! Showing some of the funniest ones would, so here they are!

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 Top 5 Funny YouTube Office Accidents Videos

Top 5 Funny YouTube Office Accidents Videos

Leaving For A Quick Smoke Can Be Fatal

Whilst there is no way to be sure whether or not this woman was heading out for a cheeky smoke, a toilet break or even to make a quick cup of coffee, one thing’s for sure, that’s got to hurt! The worst thing (or best) about this video is that although people rush over to see what has happened, not one of them seem to be worry about if she is seriously hurt or not. The manager comes by to see what the fuss is all about and moans at everyone to get back to work!

You Could Just Take The Stairs?

For some reason this office worker thinks that it might be a good idea to ignore company policy on taking the stairs and simply crashes to the ground floor through the ceiling, “hey, the elevator was broken”. The laughable part of this video is the fact that he gets up wondering how on earth that happened, seemingly unscathed, whilst another woman who took the hit of him falling on her is sitting with concussion on the floor!

Sitting On A Desk Is Dangerous Business!

Desks in an office are made for computers, phones and various bits of mess you manage to accumulate over the years, what they are not made for is people sitting on them with their full weight, as this woman clearly demonstrates. She isn’t even a very large person so you can imagine what it would have been like if someone of a larger build had sat down, fat-tastic!

Police Office Drunkard

Although the police officer here is trying his hardest to be professional, in this instance it is hard not to laugh at a guy that goes head first into a wall, twice. There are some great videos of drunken people falling over out there but this is surely the best that loosely relates to an office environment!

Even Pets Can Have Accidents!

Having a pet in the office is often something that keeps the employees in a good mood and means that your animal doesn’t have to stay at home by itself. It also means some hilarious videos crop up like the one above!
So although some office accidents can be awful to watch, the majority of them don’t do any serious harm so if you see an office chair about to go, why not film it!

And here is a bonus GIF for you ;)

 Top 5 Funny YouTube Office Accidents Videos - Boob Pressing Office Video