Gmail is coming out with more and more features everyday. And here is a new feature of Background Sending in Gmail. As the name suggests, Background Sending in Gamil let you send an email in background without interrupting your next task. So, you do not need to wait for an email to be sent completely without moving to some other folder from the Compose page.

This feature can be really helpful for them sending lots of email together. It will save their time for sure. If you want to enable the Background Sending in Gmail then, just follow the step given below.

HOW TO : Enable The Background Sending In Gmail

HOW TO : Enable The Background Sending In Gmail

1. Go to your Gmail account and

2. Click on the Settings option on the top right hand corner and select Mail Settings

3. Now, click on Labs button and look for the option of Background Send.

4. Just click on the Enable option and save the settings.

5. From next time whenever you will send an email from your Gmail account, it will be sent in Background mode.