When it comes to buying a desktop computer, the keyboard and mouse usually come as an afterthought. That’s a pretty glaring mistake, since these two accessories can actually define the overall experience you’ll have when using your computer, so you should choose them carefully.

The mouse is currently the main manipulation device (and I doubt that touch screens will fully take over anytime soon), and even laptop users will most likely want to get one because it’s so much easier to use than a touchpad. With that in mind, here is a selection of the best mice that I’ve come across – if you’re buying a mouse, be sure to give these five a try if you get the chance.

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5 Best Computer Mouse You Should Consider Buying

5 Best Computer Mouse You Should Consider Buying

Logitech MX 518

The Logitech MX 518 is one of the most recommended mice on the market, especially for gamers or people who need a high accuracy mouse that is easy to handle and use. The mouse uses a USB connection and has five programmable buttons, as well as a 1600 dpi optical sensor with on the fly sensitivity adjustment buttons. The MX 518 has been on the market for a while now, and most of the reviews are glowing. The only bad thing about it is that it’s a bit big for some people and it doesn’t have a wireless version for portable use with a laptop.

Logitech M325

If you want a simple and compact mouse to use on the go with your laptop, the Logitech M325 is a great choice. It is very simple, with the basic two mouse buttons and a scroll wheel, but if you don’t use any of the advanced functionality offered by other mice, it’s perfect for traveling. It’s durable, small (the wireless receiver is also compact) and the batteries last well over a month even with heavy use.

Microsoft Arc

The Microsoft Arc mouse is a great wireless mouse that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, both on the go and at home or in the office. It only has a basic selection of buttons, so it’s not suited for advanced gaming or specialized use, but it’s perfect for everyday use or even intensive work if you use keyboard shortcuts a lot.

What’s great about the Arc is that it has a laser tracking system (meaning it is more accurate, less power hungry and it works on any surface) and it can be folded in half, in which case it fits perfectly in any travel bag (the wireless receiver also resides within the mouse). Microsoft also has a newer version, the Arc Touch, but the folding mechanism is a bit weird – if you apply too much pressure on it, it can fold when you’re using it, so it’s not as good as the original Arc in my opinion.

Logitech TrackMan Marble

The TrackMan Marble is not for everyone, but users who need a great mouse for intensive CAD, graphics or video editing work will love it. The TrackMan Marble is basically a big stationary trackball, and it’s surprisingly good when used for high precision tasks that require a lot of mouse movements, as well – it’s much easier to use your fingers to scroll around in After Effects than to move a mouse with your whole hand. Logitech Marble is not good for gaming though, as you can’t quickly use the other buttons.

Logitech G700

The G700 is the best wireless gaming mouse ever, period. It has an almost perfect shape, size and weight, and can work equally well with desktops, as well as laptops thanks to the Nano Receiver. The mouse has 7 programmable buttons in addition to 5 main buttons, a 5700 dpi laser tracking sensor and a dual mode scroll wheel, all of which will give you an advantage in gaming. You can easily use it for work, as well – it will work perfectly for anything from Photoshopto AutoCAD.

The mouse is a very important part of any computer, and getting a good, comfortable unit is paramount for a great overall experience – doubly so if you spend most of the day working at your computer. I’ve found the above mice to be the best – each one of them is meant for slightly different purposes (plus we all have individual preferences), so it’s better if you check them in person first.