Keyboard shortcuts are always popular among the Windows user. It makes the user experience faster and better. Also you can work without a mouse if you know the Windows keyboard shortcuts well.... There are many Windows keyboard shortcuts available and in this post, I am sharing 24 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.

Few of these shortcuts also works in previous versions of Windows but since they work on Windows 7 too, I am including them into the list.

24 Awesome Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Ctrl+Shift+N : Create a New Folder

2. Shift+Right-Click on a Folder : Open Command Prompt

3. Ctrl+Shift+Click : Open a Program As Administrator

4. Win+Shift+Right Arrow Key : Move Active Window to Right Monitor

This shortcut is basically for dual monitors.

5. Shift+Click on a Taskbar App : Open a New Instance of the App

6. Win+Space : Quickly Show Desktop

7. Win+1, Win+2... and so on : Opening Taskbar Programs

8. Win+T : Get to Taskbar Items

9. Ctrl+Shift+Esc : Windows Task Manager

10. Shift+Right-Click : Enhances Send to Menu

11. Win+Up/Down/Left/Right : Moving the Active Window

12. Win+Pause : To Check System Properties

13. Win+Shift+Left Arrow Key : Move Active Window to Left Monitor
This one is also for the dual monitor systems.

14. Win+B : Move Focus to the System Tray

15. Win+P : To Connect The Laptop Quickly To Projector

16. Alt+P : Display/ hide the Explorer preview panel

17. Windows Logo+G : Display gadgets in front of other windows

18. Windows Logo++ (plus key) : Zoom in, where appropriate

19. Windows Logo+- (minus key) : Zoom out, where appropriate

20. Windows Logo+Up : Minimise the current window

21. Windows Logo+Down : Minimise the current window

22. Windows Logo+Left : Snap to the left hand side of the screen

23. Windows Logo+Right : Snap to the right hand side of the screen

24. Windows Logo+Home : Minimise/ restore everything except the current window

By using this Windows 7 keyborad shortcuts, you can really be faster and can utilise your system perfectly..... Enjoy

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