If you are having lots of phones or contact numbers then sometimes its kinda difficut to handle all those numbers perfectly. But Google is out with the solution of this problem with their service, Google Voice. Google Voice allows you to handle and manage calls of all of your phone numbers together. So, you can manage your home phone, office phone, mobile phones and all with just one service i.e. Google Voice......

Google Voice gives you more control over your phone calls. GOOGLE VOICE send a voicemail to you if you are not able to answer the call on any of the numbers. So, you never miss a call with Google Voice. Few of the main features of GOOGLE VOICE is given below.

* Voicemail transcription: You get the transcription of every voice mail you get.

* One number: If someone calls you on Google Voice number, it rings all your phones at the same time, answer the call from any phone.

* Personalized greetings: If you are away and can answer calls, record a message in your own voice.

* International calling: You get the cheapest Long Distance Call rates for International calls.

* SMS to email: You can send SMS any where in the world for free and get the reply in your Google Voice account as an Email.

* Share voicemails: When you get a voicemail that is needed to be shared with someone, just email it from Google Voice account.

* Block callers: You can block certain phone number you want.

* Mobile app: There is a mobile application for Google Voice so that you can use it on the go.

* Conference calls: Lets you handle conference calls more easily.

To know more about Google Voice, check the video below.

The only drawback of Google Voice is that it is available for USA only. Hope that soon, it will be out for other countries. Still, if you are a living in USA then you can enjoy the benefits of GOOGLE VOICE.

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