Social Networking Sites are changing the face of the Internet and the world each and everyday. Social Networking is no more just to make friends or chat with people. It is becoming more and more useful each and everyday. There are many examples out there......... is a platform for blogging which is generally mentioned as an online diary but people use it for various purpose. Facebook is just not limited for friends only. Many people are doing serious business work on it. Twitter is becoming more and more of an information source than the random tweets of a lonely person. When earthquakes came in Haiti then, Twitter was the biggest source of latest updates and Twitter users donated huge amount of money to help people of Haiti. It is a great example of how social networking is really social in real life, too . LinkedIn is basically for business purpose where people socialize and try to make business relationship.

Social Networking Site's Importance

In short, social networking sites are changing the use of the Internet and making more useful. For example, just now I came to know from a social networking site that how to use some nice features of Windows 7. ..... Well, what I meant to say that social networking is becoming better and more social now than its previous avatar and it is the sign of a better world of the Internet in future.

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