Unless you live under a rock (which I’m assuming you don’t because you’re reading this), you likely knew that Apple was to hold an event this week to announce a new version of its popular tablet – the third generation iPad.

Apple’s announcement went incredibly well and the New iPad looks phenomenally impressive. However, even with its amazing new Retina display, the improved camera, 4G LTE data speeds, and the quad-core A5X, some features were noticeably absent from the announcement.

Here are some things that we wanted and were rumored for the New iPad but we didn’t get.

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5 Features Missing from the New iPad

Special Haptic Feedback Technology

One rumor the morning of Apple’s announcement speculated that the New iPad screen could have technology enabling users to feel where they were touching. In effect, the special technology would use electric currents to give different small parts of the screen a texture when needed, which would allow users to better feel where they were touching.

If this technology sounds a little too futuristic, it’s probably because it is. Apple is said to have been researching similar technology, which indicates that future devices might eventually incorporate some form of haptic feedback.

No "Home" Button

One of the more popular, yet controversial rumors was that the New iPad wouldn’t have a home button. Instead of a home button, the New iPad would rely on gestures to navigate to the menu. Because we didn’t see this, perhaps Apple was thinking the average consumer isn’t quite ready for a purely gesture-based iDevice.

Siri on the New iPad

The great addition to the iPhone 4S was its voice assistant, Siri. Many considered the addition of Siri] to every iOS device was a logical progression. However, the new, more powerful New iPad doesn’t feature full-fledge Siri functionality. Instead, the New iPad does have a microphone, allowing New iPad users to dictate to any text field in their tablet.

4S Quality Camera

While the back-facing camera was upgraded to a 5 megapixel camera with some nice photo-enhancing software, the New iPad doesn’t have the same 8 megapixel camera as the iPhone 4S. However, because the primary purpose of an iPad isn’t to take pictures, perhaps the new camera will be sufficient. Besides, let’s be honest, any upgrade is welcome.

iPad Name Identifier

Not necessarily a feature, but one obvious thing the New iPad is missing is an identifier. The New iPad is simply called the “iPad.” It’s not the “iPad 3” as it was commonly called before the event, and probably will continue to be called, nor is it the “iPad HD,” which some of the last rumors before it’s announcement said it would be called. It looks like from here on out new Apple devices will be referred to by their moniker without a specific identifier.

Just thinking about all these features has me already anticipating what Apple has in store for the fourth iPad. Looks like we’ll have a whole year, however, to wait to see what’s in store. Let the rumor mill churn!

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