Google Plus recently launched the new profile pages and business pages. And now Facebook is going to launch its redesigned News Feed very soon. This new Facebook News Feed will concentrate more on your Facebook connections and updates from them to provide the information about them as much as possible.

HOW TO : Enable the New  Facebook News Feed

Few of the highlighted features of the new Facebook News Feed are :

- It is having a responsive design. So you will get the same type of layout, does not matter if you are accessing Facebook on the web, smartphone or a tablet.

- The new Facebook News Feed provides the information in various categories. You can select the way you want to see the updates on your News Feed by selecting the different categories like All Friends, Photos, Music, Groups, Following etc.

- The design is more visually appealing and uses lots of images.

- The design is less cluttered and having a left side menu which looks a bit like combination of Google Plus and Mac in appearance.

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Have a look on the video below to know more about the new Facebook News Feed and its features.

HOW TO : Enable the New Facebook News Feed on Your Profile

Google Plus launched its new Google Plus profiles and business pages layout simultaneously for all users. But unlike Google Plus, Facebook will be rolling out the new Facebook News Feed slowly to all users. but if you want to enable the new Facebook News Feed on your profile now then, there is a simple way to do that. Just follow the instructions given below.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Go to the link

3. Scroll down to the end of the page. There you will find a button showing, "Try the New Look" or "Join Waiting List".

4. Click on that button. So, the new Facebook News Feed will be enabled on your profile.

What do you think about this new Facebook News Feed? Feel free to share your views in the Comments section below.