Most of us have a bit of an obsession with Facebook – you post funny shiz, stalk your ex from 10 years ago, and try to stem the fits of jealousy of successful ex-schoolmates (you know the ones, somehow own a house, always on holiday, have perfect jobs and are paid more in a week than you are in a year).

But how do you know when your obsession veers into addiction? Well, there are 15 signs you should watch out for...

Facebook Addiction Girl

15 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook

1. You Have at least 500+ Friends

20 of whom you actually know well, though most you think you might have been in the same room as once, at your sister’s 16th birthday party, before he broke up with that girl she was kind of friends with in primary school...

2. It’s an immediate assumption that people you can’t find on Facebook have probably died

3. You Will Post Anything for Likes

Outrageous claims, bikini photos, “Like if you...” statuses – it’s your crack.

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4. You Spent an Entire Weekend Adding Events to Your Timeline

Including details of your birth, Christening, every holiday you’ve ever taken...(Some you haven’t)

5. You Rewrite Your “About Me” Section at least Once a Month

Because your detailed updates and photos don’t provide nearly enough information about you already.

6. You Spend an hour Contemplating Exactly How to Word an Awesome Status Update

And then eagerly check back to see if anyone’s liked or commented for the next 12 hours, sinking further and further into depression when nothing happens.

7. You Conducted 95% of Your Last Relationship on Facebook

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8. You Consider Your Profile Pictures Your Greatest Artistic Achievements

Each one takes you 50 tries with your cameras delayed shutter timer and a lengthy Photoshopping session to get it just right. It represents you.

9. You've Perfected Your “Duck Face” to Make Sure You Look the Same in Every Single One of Your Tagged Photos

Your primary school friends need to see how awesome you are now.

10. You Like Your Own Statuses

Just in case people have missed it. Hey, they could have, right?

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11. You "Check In" to Everywhere You Go

Supermarket, coffee shop, bar, airport, car... I mean, how will people know how to find you otherwise?

12. You've had a Public Facebook Fight

That you never would have started in real life.

13. You Can’t Believe Facebook hasn’t Developed an IVR System to Read You the "News Feed" Aloud Yet.

Looking at a screen is so 2011.

14. You Think "Poking" and "Liking" is the Only Acceptable Form of Flirting

Who needs to actually talk to anyone nowadays?

15. You Pay Extra on Your Phone Contract So You Can Use Facebook Abroad

You wouldn’t expect an alcoholic to go cold turkey just for two weeks in Malaga, would you?

Did I miss anything? You could always ask your Facebook friends?