Pinterest is the latest social media website that allows users to “pin” pictures and articles to their virtual corkboard for everyone to see. Through Pinterest, users are able to share their favorite items, unique pictures, and anything else they find interesting with their online friends. Since so many people are using Pinterest on a daily basis, the website can also help businesses boost their SEO efforts. Here are a few tips to consider when integrating Pinterest into your SEO strategy.

How to Boost Your SEO and Blog Traffic with Pinterest

How to Boost Your SEO and Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Use Keywords in Descriptions

Using keywords in your descriptions will make it easier for Pinterest users to find your pins and your board. If you are targeting specific keywords through your SEO efforts, you will want to make sure those keywords are included in your descriptions to attract the same type of online consumer.

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Write your Own Summary

If you copy and paste an entire post or recipe you are pinning, your Pinterest board will become cluttered and difficult to read. Writing your own summary is the best way to convey what your pin is about without taking up too much space on your board and making it difficult to easily navigate the rest of your pins.

Only Pin Post Pages

If you are pinning an image from a blog post, make sure to pin the image from the actual post and not the homepage. Pinning the image directly from your post will ensure that your followers will be taken directly to the blog post and not your blog’s homepage where the post may have been bumped off the first page. Since you want to send online users to targeted pages of your website, it is important that you pin the appropriate page or blog post on your board.

Spread out your Pins

A common mistake many Pinterest users make is pinning too many images and links at one time. If you are constantly pinning new items to your board, you will flood your followers with new pins and they will be less likely to continue to follow you in the future. Creating a schedule of just a few new pins per week should be sufficient to drive traffic to your website without inundating your followers with new pins.

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Pinterest SEO Tips

Categorize your Pins

Categorizing your pins is a great way to make it easy for anyone looking at your board to find content they find interesting. It is important to constantly think about the user experience when pinning new items to your board, which is why you should be categorizing all of your pins. This will make it much easier for someone to navigate all of the content you have on your Pinterest board.

Follow the Big Name Companies on Pinterest

One good way to get your brand name out there in the Pinterest community is to follow several well recognized companies on the site. If you can get one of the big name companies on Pinterest to follow your pins, all of the users following the well known company will be more likely to take a look at your board and start following you as well. Also, you can communicate with all of the followers of the well known company and alert them of your Pinterest board as well.

Promote More than Products

If your company sells items online, it is tempting to only want to pin items that you sell. While this is a good way to drive traffic to your website, you want to provide more value to your followers than simply posting images of the products you sell on your site. Posting content to your board that is directly related to your industry and that your followers will find interesting will help you build a lasting relationship with your followers as they know your board will present them with valuable content.

If you are looking to enhance your SEO efforts, consider using Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website. With a proper content strategy in place, Pinterest can provide an excellent boost to your SEO efforts.