The modern prevalent cyber friendly generation is addicted to Facebook. They might have their Page optimized, ads targeted, and their privacy settings impenetrable. So what, I see many of us conspicuous about having their account life hacked or intruded.

Facebook was recently at war with constant malware attacks. Facebook was filled with spammed wall post; chat box, links from unsuspecting friends. Worst part is malware producer haven’t yet been stopped to penetrate and distribute such annoying spams and viruses throughout Facebook, let alone catch them in private.

To stop this, the process is simple: restrict yourself from clicking habit and at any slight hint of malicious activity, report it to the Facebook admin.
Here are my top 5:

Top 5 Facebook Security Tips for Privacy and Safety

1. Don’t Share Your Personal Information

Facebook users should not share their full date of birth, mobile numbers, and residential address. There is really no reason why you should share such things; this wouldn’t do any good but rather it would make you an easy target.

Go to your Profile Settings and turn everything off which shares your personal details to the whole world or select it just for your friends. This way, only your friends will see your birthday, not the whole world and you can always exchange your number on chat.

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2. Facebook - Not A Popularity Contest

Don’t add everyone in your list. Don’t add anyone to your network. Studies have shown that thieves and hackers set up fake profiles, just so they can try and penetrate your network and steal information that is useful to them.

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3. Check What Other See

I personally only share my Facebook updates with those that are confirmed as my friends. It ensures that when I check in at a restaurant, or tell my friends I am on vacation, I’m not announcing. Check to see if you are sharing your updates with just your friends or the entire world by looking for the drop-down option on your last update.

4. Control Your Clicking Emotions

Control your temptations to click on a video that claims to show someone very weird or someone eating something unusual, ask yourself two questions: "Is it likely to be real?" and "Do you really want to see it anyway"? Clicking on the false posts on Facebook makes you look like an idiot and can invade your privacy. Never click on "See who views your profile" or "See your Facebook stalkers" links. Facebook has told clearly that they never track page views on each Facebook profile. Thus, it's more than impossible for third party developers to come up with Facebook app that can provide the stat of profile views.

5. Enable Login notification

Under the Account > Account Settings > Account Security you will see the Log-in notification feature of Facebook. It remains disabled by default and you will have to turn it on. This feature will fetch you a notification through mail or SMS on your phone stating that your account was logged in, mentioning the time and the IP address of that new device. So, when someone logs onto your account, your phone will buzz and will give you the time to take action against that unauthorized activity on your Facebook account.

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