Social media is an important part of our everyday life now. But still many people do not know how to use it properly to avoid any privacy issues and other problems. That is why, in this post, I am sharing few tips to protect you and your social media presence like Facebook account, Twitter by what not to share on social media sites. These tips are really important for your safety and privacy , so please keep them in mind while being active on social networking.

10 Tips For Safe Social Media

1. Date And Place Of Birth : It causes the risk of identity theft. And also they are the most commonly used security questions on password resetting sites. So, better not to share it in your profile.

2. Mother's Maiden Name Or School Name : It is also one of the most commonly used questions in password resetting process.

3. Address :
It can cause the identity theft and also gives others the opportunity for stalking.

4. Posting About Holidays :
It gibes others the info that you are away from home. It can cause burglary in your house.

5. Posting About Going Out : It can also put you at the risk of stalking.

10 Tips For Safe Social Media Use

6. Inappropriate Photos : You must be knowing this one very well. Until you aint a celebrity this will give you no benefit and will only cause harm.

7. Confessionals Posts : Nobody is interested in knowing that you did something stupid, or your one night stand with your best friend etc. So, better not to share them. It can also harm you much later in job, relationship and all.

8. Phone Number : Many people share their phone numbers on Facebook and other social media sites which can cause prank calls, threats etc.

9. Children/Family Memver's Names : It can cause a major identity theft specially in the case of children.

10. Posting A Full Public Profile : As we already know that, search engines are showing the social media profiles in the search results. So, sharing all details of you in social media profile can easily be tracked and used by others.

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