By default, Adsense ad code does not allow any other thing to appear in the same horizontal row. It causes the problem for those bloggers who want to put the Adsense ad unit in the left or right side of the starting of their blog post. But with the help of a very small CSS code, you can float or adjust the location of the Adsense ad unit in your blog post.

If you do not know that how to put Adsense ad unit inside of the blog post then check the link given below.

HOW TO : Put ADSENSE Ad Unit In Blog Post

You can see in the above image that there is an Adsense ad unit is just below the post title of the post 30 Twitter Analytic Tools and in the same row, there is the 'Share This Article' Widget. You can also make your Adsense ad unit to float in the left or right side from the code given below.

<div style=”float:left;padding:5px;”>

Your Adsense Ad Unit Code Here


As shown in the above code, put your Adsense ad code in the middle of the two lines of codes given above.If you want to put the Adsense ad unit in the right side then, just change the 'left' written in red color with 'right'.

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