Google, the popular search engine, is interested in more than just helping people search for dancing cats. The company is worth billions and is known for spending that money on a number of interesting projects. Much of Google's money has gone to online ventures, including purchasing the popular video website, YouTube, in 2006. In Kansas City, Kansas, Google is currently working on a project to wire the whole city with high-speed fiber optics.

However, Google has not limited its investments to Internet-related projects. Google has invested money in a variety of unique projects, including driverless cars. To date, the company has spent about $20 million into the research for this technology. Such a car is currently only legal in the state of Nevada. Google has also promised a prize of $30 million to any privately-funded team that can successfully place a robot on the moon.

Although Google owes its success to its search engine roots, the company is constantly reinventing itself by bringing more products to the world.

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