The iPhone is one of the most selling Smartphone on the market today. Since there is such a push for the iPhone there are quite a lot of options available for the accessories that can go along with it. The large amount of options available in the iPhone accessories can make it difficult for someone to select the “must have” buys. Some of the accessories are just for fun, while others were built in order to make life a litter bit easier for you as an iPhone owner.

Here is a list of the top iPhone accessories that all iPhone owners should consider purchasing:

Must Have iPhone Accessories for Every iPhone Lover

Must Have iPhone Accessories for Every iPhone Lover

The Otterbox

Anyone who has purchased an iPhone can tell you how expensive it is in price. Add to the fact that your phone plan will not allow you to purchase phone insurance on it, and you can be holding quite a delicate chunk of change in your palm. The Otterbox should be your first purchase for your iPhone.

They are not only flexible, but they are easy to install too. Also, it improves the grip over handsets. It is a heavy duty case that will protect it from bumps, scratches, cracks, and brakes. The Otterbox will cost you anywhere from $20-$50 to purchase, but that is way below the amount of money that you will spend replacing your iPhone after breaking it which will most likely happen if you do not purchase the case.

Isolation Earphones with Microphone

We have all seen the people strutting up and down the lanes at the store and accidentally thought that they were talking to us when they were really just on their Bluetooth headset. While the Bluetooth hands free headset is a wonderful option it does not offer all of the benefits that the Isolation Earphones with Microphone can offer you. These earphones are perfect for drowning out noise no matter if you are mowing the lawn or working out in the gym. It can help you to silence the background noise while being able to enjoy the music on your iPhone. The microphone will allow the earphones to double as a hands-free device, and will even allow you easy access to answer your phone while in the middle of your workout. The price of these will run you around $50, but are well worth the investment.

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Top 3 iPhone & iPad Controlled Gadgets

RoadTrip HandsFree Unit

Why make your life any more difficult than it has to be, why carry all of these the individual gadgets around when you can easily get a RoadTrip Handsfree unit. The unit will allow you to do all of your favorite things in your car, and will make life a little bit easier as well. The RoadTrip HandsFree unit connects into your cigarette lighter in your vehicle and acts as a cradle for your iPhone. It will not only charge your phone and create a nice platform for easy viewing, but it will also link with your radio so that your music will play through your car speakers and provide additional volume for your speaker phone. The cost can vary, but a nice quality one will be around $75.

iPhone Audio Dock

One of the nice things about investing in an iPhone is that you can carry your music with you everywhere that you go. While your iPhone will allow you to play your music over the speaker many people will want to amplify their music during a party, a day at the beach, or simply while cooking out. Purchasing an iPhone Audio Dock will allow you to do just that. It will provide you with a set of speakers that will amplify the sound from you iPhone.

iPhone Screen Cover

iPhone screen cover safeguards your phone from scratch and is the most toughest and durable protection that you can find. It comes with a powerful technology and sometimes with a long guarantee period.

There are dozens of more accessories that are available for your iPhone. Some are small items that will allow you to customize your phone while others have extremely beneficial and helpful features. They vary a great deal in price, but the above list is the items that are the most commonly purchased.