Help books and guidelines written by well-known psychologists may be very useful for those people who are stressed or depressed and quickly need to boost up their energy and improve self-esteem for achieving important life goals. However, taking into account practically everyone nowadays uses smartphones instead of reading books to find proper answers on how to make a life happier you may take an advantage of few simple distressful techniques offered by some popular and best iOS applications.

As you may guess, there are a lot of thematic apps for self-improvement can be found online in the AppStore. Personally I Use only 3 best of them and want to share my experience with you.

Top 3 Self-Esteem Improving iPhone and iPad Apps

iZen Garden for iPad - $4.99

Top 3 Self-Esteem Improving iPhone & iPad Apps - iZen Garden

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that Zen philosophy is quite popular and many office workers like me find it very relaxing for meditation to visit special places – Zen gardens or yoga centers. Unfortunately, not all offices are equipped with such places where one can be alone to concentrate and think without any interference. That is why I offer to use a special app, released both for iPads and iPhones, iZen Garden.

You can create your own virtual Zen garden using more than 100 various seashells, stones, plants and fossils that look like real due to Retina HD support. Sand of four various colors and 9 ambient songs will help you to relax and forget about stress and depression, at least for while. I recommend this app to everyone who is currently in the middle of brainstorming and needs to relax to continue the work more productively.

myinstantCOACH - Free

Top 3 Self-Esteem Improving iPhone & iPad Apps - myinstantCOACH

Life problems like stress at work, breakups and making of important decisions are inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean you are to cope with all these troubles on your own. There is a wonderful iOS app called as MyinstantCOACH that can give very helpful recommendations and advices on more than 75 different topics dealing with the most common life problems at least for once everyone of us experienced. Simply choose in what area of you want to get a professional assistance – Relationship, Career, Well Being or Finance – and describe your problem by choosing one of 75 widespread scenarios to encourage yourself thanks to the smart advices of this application.

iStress - $0.99

Top 3 Self-Esteem Improving iPhone & iPad Apps - iStress

Achieving success in life is impossible if you are stressed or depressed. There exist thousands of different techniques helping to cope with stress situations and some of the most effective ones are offered within the limits of the cheap but efficient iOS app – iStress. By means of this sophisticated program you will be able to change negative life scenarios into positive ones by changing your attitude and getting rid of negative thoughts.

The best thing I like about iStress is that you can “rate” your feelings and define if your emotional state is satisfying. iStress is based on the years of experience of professional psychologists who share some very effective relaxation techniques, help to monitor your everyday stress level and increase your self-esteem and well being. Try iStress and you won’t be disappointed!

Have in view any other iPhone applications helping you to cope with stress at work and upcoming depression after a difficult breakup? I would like to try more good iPhone applications increasing self-esteem so do not be shy to share your favorite apps below in the Comments section.

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