It’s the nightmare we all have when we come out of a building: we see our parking spot but we don’t see our car. Unfortunately, this happens far too often in the world, but the good news is that sometimes the car really isn’t so difficult to locate because it wasn’t stolen. But even if it was, it helps to have a plan in place to help you locate it when you have no other way to figure things out.

Enter these Apps for car location and protection. They’ll help you prevent the worst by ensuring that you know where your car is at all times – even when it hasn’t been stolen. Remember: the more you can do to prepare for this kind of situation, the more relaxed you’ll feel should the situation ever arise. And if it doesn’t ever arise, well, heck, that’s the goal. So let’s look at these Smartphone Apps.

6 Useful Apps to Help Find Your Parked Car

6 Useful Apps to Help Find Your Parked Car

Locate My Car PRO

Locate My Car is the most rated car parking app in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store. Localize your exact position in the car and you’ll be ready to locate your car in an instant with this time-saving App. Just make sure that you save your car location frequently after parked!

Find My Car

Admittedly, this App is suited to finding your car’s parking place and not your actual car, but this is an App that can help you confirm whether or not your car is supposed to be where you think it’s supposed to be. You can tag your parked car location using this App and then later consult it in order to find your car in the sea of cars at the Walmart parking lot – or wherever you may find yourself wanting an App like this.

Car Finder

An App for Android, this is the equivalent of “Find My Car.” The beauty of this App is that it lets you save up to three locations in case you have extra cars (say, if you’re traveling in a group) and will help you remember where to find your car as soon as you come out of the building that was your destination. Again, if you find yourself in the spot you thought your car was but use Car Finder to verify that your car is in fact somewhere else, you can avoid a big hassle.

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6 Useful Apps to Help Find Your Parked Car

Car Locator

Similar to the Apps above, Car Locator has some nice features such as double tapping the map to save a location and “beaming” your current location to somewhere else in case you won’t have your phone on you. It’s great for parking garages and any other location that you’re unsure about, such as an open area, and will help you find your car when all is said and done.

Car Assistant

If you know your car is missing and the location you need to know is a local emergency service, then you can use Car Assistant to help you find them. You’ll also have other car location tools such as saving your parked spot and a direction pointer to use when you’re driving in order to better understand your surroundings.

iFind My Car

Hit “pin car” when you park your car and iFind My Car will help you return. Simply hit “walk me” and you’ll see how easy it is to find your car even if you don’t see it right away.