As the world of Apps continues to expand, so do the uses these apps bring to our everyday lives. Nowhere is that usability more obvious than in the world of travel – and in automobiles, to be specific. In fact, car apps have a unique opportunity to increase the quality of our lives by enlivening the commute, helping us navigate, and making the road trip somewhat more palatable.

Of course, no single app promises to do all of these things, which is why it’s important to look at a multitude of best car apps that carry with them the promise of a “can you believe this exists?” moment. Let’s take a look at 8 candidates that just may blow your mind

Top 8 Useful Car Apps

1. Escort Live

Escort Live Car Apps

Many people don’t imagine that cars and social media go together – after all, who wants to be pulled over for Tweeting while driving? However, Escort Live promises to sync cars together in a more helpful way by displaying any radar alerts within a 25-mile radius. It’s a slightly sneaky way to avoid being pulled over for speeding, to be sure, but also provides the service of keeping drivers on their toes – and that’s usually not a bad thing.

2. iOnRoad

As machines get better at driving, it helps us get better at driving. iOnRoad is an app that enhances your experience by alerting you to potential accidents before they happen – say, if you get caught looking down at your phone while someone has slowed down ahead of you. It will also alert you to cars switching lanes quickly. Additionally, you can look at speed and weather information while the app is running.

3. Where’s My Car?

You can probably discern the true purpose of this app yourself, but suffice it to say, having a car be lost or stolen will cease being such a major problem in the future as the technology makes cars easier and easier to find.

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4. GasBuddy

GasBuddy Car App

Knowing where to find the cheapest gas might be a personal pride of yours, but with this app, your powers will be rendered somewhat moot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course, as you learn that technology might do a better job of finding lower gas prices than you can.

5. Scout

As a GPS app, it’s no surprise that Scout enhances your navigation skills by finding the best routes. It also displays a neat little screen that shows you how long you have to go until you’re either at home or work – so you can finally stop guessing.

6. iGasUp

This is another entry in the same field as “GasBuddy,” but a nice feature of iGasUp is your ability to sort by the gas station’s proximity or its price.

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7. aCar

aCar Car App

Of course, it’s often important to focus on what’s going on inside your car as well, and the apps will continue to improve in this area, as well. aCar is just one example of that.

8. iWrecked

If you get in an accident, it helps to know what to do next. That’s exactly what iWrecked can do for you.