One of the fun things about an iPad, besides all the activities you can do with it, is all of the accessories. iPad Accessories help you protect your device and get the most out of the iPad experience. Since some iPad accessories will put a major dent in your wallet, consider these most wanted accessories when you're looking for some new toys.

Best Luxury iPad Accessories

Luxury iPad Accessories that are Worth Buying

iPad Dock

An iPad Dock allows you to charge and store your iPad. Docks also provide a way for you to connect your tablet to other electronics, such as a car stereo, home stereo and your television set. Some docks have slots for other products, such as iPhones and iPods, to the same dock as your iPad. Prices on docks vary widely and can go over $100, depending on what connections the dock offers and how many devices it can handle.

SHOWWX+ HDMI Projector for iPad

Manufactured by Microvision, the SHOWWX+HDMI is a powerful projector for your iPad. Since the SHOWWX+HDMI uses the same aspect ratio you'd see in a movie theater, you don't have to adjust the image to get that effect. Even with a battery, this projector weighs less than a pound and fits in your hand, so you can take it with you when you're on the go. You can connect the device directly to a speaker system or headphones or use speakers or headphones with your iPad. The SHOWWX+HDMI retails over $300. Optional or extra cabling is relatively inexpensive at $10 and up.

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Luxury iPad Cases

Cases are a necessary accessory for most iPad owners. A decent case makes your device easier to carry and keeps it from harm. Simple cases, such as a plain sleeve, are inexpensive, but sleeker and more durable cases get pricey fast. Gold and designer iPad cases easily run into hundreds of dollars. California brand designer name, David August, for example, makes an iPad cover with a price tag of $6,900. The case is made of exotic leather and part of a line of luxury items for electronic devices.

iPad Keyboards

Keyboards are available for iPads, for those users who need to type fast and don't always want to use a touch screen. iPad Keyboards can cost more than $100, depending on the style and manufacturer. The more expensive keyboards are ultra-thin and designed for portability. Some of the more expensive carrying cases include keyboards as a built-in option, making travel easy for busier users.