Are you in a Facebook relationship? Are you listed as "single"? Well, chances are, you've posted some sort of relationship status about yourself sometime in the not so distant past, since according to statistics, as 60% of the 845 million users on Facebook list themselves in some sort of relationship.

That said, we all know that social media has revolutionized the way we connect with friends, share our photos and interests, and even network with potential employers, however, one other area of life social media has effected that we can't ignore is the huge affect that it's had on our romantic relationships. (I bet that most of you reading this has discovered a friend's new relationship status by seeing it being updated on Facebook).

From announcing relationships, to showing off date activities, to airing out complaints, social media has a finger on the pulse of all sorts of romantic-related activities from our friends. This infographic, Social Media's Growing Impact on Relationships, shows several surprising statistics about this phenomenon, including stats about Ways Facebook Causes Relationship Stress and the Ways Facebook Changed Dating.

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