Right now, running a website for your business is crucial to increase your profits. One of the solutions here is to find a good web host that you can depend on when it comes to the applications and the files of your site. However, there are times when you might have done a poor decision in selecting the web hosting service provider. Here are the top telltale signs that your web hosting company is not what you expect it to be:

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6 Signs that Your Web Hosting Will Fail You

Contract Change

Your contract should not change until your next payment if there is any. Even if they give you a moving reason, a reliable company will never modify the contract that you have signed or agreed to. In other cases though, there are web hosting companies that will change it every three to six months and this is acceptable. However, if they alter the agreement every so often, they are not reliable so find another firm ASAP.

Hidden Fees

One of the reasons why you are with your web host provider is because of the price. AT first you may think that they offer affordable or reasonably priced services but later on, you will notice that your monthly fee keeps mounting and the worse part is you are not given a reason whatsoever. The price for your hosting plan should be fixed and it will only go up when you order added features or you would like to upgrade your package.

No Access to Visitor Statistics

Nowadays, most of the hosting services utilize functions that support tracking of visitors and the statistics of usage. Now, if your web host company has disabled these features, you should be able to ask them to enable them so that you can access them freely. If they insist that such features should be turned off, look for another web hosting service.

Extended Downtime

When your website is regularly down for long periods of time, this is always a bad sign. Usually, you will be given a notification or support as to why this has happened. If not, they are not reliable at all. Most of the huge companies have live chat so that you can easily reach their customer support team.

Terrible Customer Service

Some companies have ridiculously affordable hosting service and this is because they cut down their customer service. Usually they reduce the number of hours such support is available or they outsource their customer service. Unfortunately for you, since your site is a 24/7 enterprise, you need help from the technical department whenever it goes down. If you cannot get in touch with their support people, your business will be in a bad shape.

Unsecured Website

If your site gets hacked frequently, your web host is failing you. Do not overlook security when shopping for a web host. This way, your personal information and your website will not be at risk.

If your web host is giving you too many issues which they promise to resolve but you are still experiencing them, open your eyes and start looking for a better web hosting company now.

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