Have you ever paused to notice that technology keeps evolving at a progressively faster pace? Just two decades ago, owning a personal computer was a luxury that only a few could afford. In the present though, computers can be found on the majority of households.

Where will the evolution of technology take us? What kind of developments will we likely see in the next few years and decades? These are just some of the questions we shall reflect upon with this article. Join us as we look into the future and try to imagine what will our personal computers be like around 2032 or so.

The Future of the Computers

The Future of the Personal Computers

1: Smaller Form Factor

This shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering the evolution of smartphones and tablets in the recent past. In the immediate future, we should see even more powerful hand-held computers that closely rival their laptop and desktop counterparts. Eventually, computers may evolve into a tiny piece of hardware that we can carry with us as seamlessly as a bracelet or an earrings.

2: Combined Processing Power

Connecting multiple computers across a network is already common practice; but in the future, it's quite likely that computer networks will not just share information but also computing power. Computer too slow? No worries! When this time comes, you will be able to connect all your home computers, laptops, smartphones and others pieces of technology to one another, to get access to a super-computer with the combined processing power of all those machines: akin to homemade cloud computing.

3: Proliferation of Computer Terminals

In the future, there will likely be an increase in the use of inexpensive computer terminals that dispense the need for expensive hardware. Instead, these terminals will connect to cloud computing sources (whether commercial or homemade) and stream content wirelessly. In fact, it's quite likely that future TV's and computer screens will evolve into wireless terminals that can effectively be used as full-fledged computers by connecting to a cloud.

4: The Dawn of the Virtual Assistant

Remember that annoying paper-clip-shaped assistant that used to come with Microsoft Office? One day we'll remember it fondly as the ancestor of proper virtual assistants, without which we will no longer know how to live without, by then. Think of Apple's innovative “Siri” assistant, but taken a few steps further; with superior artificial intelligence and wit, and maybe a full holographic effect, capable of working together with your house's computer to service you as attentively as a butler would.

5: The Proliferation of Domotics

Even now, there are some interesting experiments available in the realms of domotics (or home robotic systems). Soon enough, these experiments are bound to evolve into sophisticated computing systems which you can easily access from just about any computer, or interact with via your home's personal assistant. The result will be a fully intelligent house that responds and adapts to your preferences and commands, down to the smallest details.

How about you? Are there any other predictions of technological developments you believe will come about the next couple of decades? If so, don't hesitate to share your musings with us by submitting your comments below.

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