Cloud technology is getting better everyday. More and more services are coming out which are based on the Cloud technology. Just yesterday, I made the post about the Cloud printing technology which is being used by the HP. In the next few weeks, more cloud based service will be out hopefully.

One of the latest cloud based service is the Cloud-based phone service which is getting popularity these days, specially in the business world. Cloud computing, Cloud printing and few more Cloud-based services are already out. Many business is using the Cloud-based phone services for their business and to communicate with their customers. It sounds like the outsourcing process but it is better than the usual ones being used as instead of voice calls, it provides the facility of managing the online fax too.

Cloud-based Phone Services

Cloud-based phone technology provides the facilities like accessibility on any mobile phone, free of SIM cards, handset hardware or additional software that could cost cash-strapped users more money.

Recently poor third world countries are getting the Cloud-based mobile technology from the developed nations as it is really cheap and provides the facility of mobile phones to everyone. And for the same reason, many business is turning towards the Cloud-based phone services to save money and better communication with the customers.

So if you want to touch the sky, you need to be on the Clouds.