Google Plus is just having great features and that is why, it is attracting more and more users everyday. There are lots of people active on Google Plus these days but they are also having the old Facebook accounts. And since, Google Plus invitation is still a rare thing, you can not find all of your Facebook friends on Google Plus yet. So, you will have to use two different sites to stay in touch with all of your friend which can be a bit messy.

But now there is an easy solution for this. Google+Facebook is a Google Chrome extension which adds your Facebook stream into your Google Plus stream. So, you can check all of your Facebook account activity from your Google Plus account itself and you do not need to switch windows.

HOW TO : Get Your Facebook Stream On Google+ Plus

To get your Facebook stream on Google+ Plus, all you need to do is to install the Google+Facebook extension on your Google Chrome browser and add your Facebook account to it. Once done, you can check your Facebook wall stream just by clicking on the Facebook icon in the Google Plus menu as shown above.

Click Here To Install Google+Facebook Chrome Extension